Easyfit – the perfect fit for lighting and IoT systems

Wireless and self-powered Easyfit LED lighting controls save energy, cut costs and are fast to install.

What is Easyfit?

Easyfit products are self-powered switches, sensors and actuators that use wireless standards, such as EnOcean, Bluetooth and Zigbee, to make LED lighting solutions more energy-efficient, more flexible and lower in cost.

EnOcean battery-free

No batteries

Self-powered wireless switches and sensors harvest and manage a minimum amount of energy from their environment.

No wires

With wireless technology solutions, you have complete flexibility in how you arrange your room layouts.

No limits

Maintenance-free and wireless solutions allow the system to be expanded at any time with unlimited flexibility.

Energy savings

Easyfit products help meet building code requirements, such as Title 24, and reduce energy consumption.

Cost savings

Self-powered and wireless solutions lower installation, maintenance and renovation costs.

Fast & flexible installation

Maintenance-free and wireless LED Lighting controls ensure fast installation and easy configuration.