Easyfit for Bluetooth lighting systems

Easyfit switches for Bluetooth systems

Self-powered and wireless Easyfit switches with Near Field Communication (NFC) make it possible to come up with simple or complex lighting scenes and effects and let you install lighting applications easily and flexibly.

Unique benefits of Easyfit wireless switches

No batteries

Easyfit wireless switches use kinetic energy powered by pressing the switch, so that you don't need any batteries.

Can be positioned anywhere

Easyfit wireless switches can be placed wherever they are needed – on the wall, on furniture or on a table.

Flexible control

Easyfit switches can control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, all luminaires in a network or scene.

Intuitive & commonly available

A switch is the most intuitive and common device for controlling lights. An Easyfit switch adds even more unique features

Bluetooth Low Energy

The self-powered and wireless wall switches are optimized for Bluetooth Low Energy technology for use in Bluetooth-based lighting systems.

Worldwide use

Easyfit wall switches can be integrated into 2.4 GHz Bluetooth systems for use in smart homes and modern light control systems all over the world.

NFC functionality

New devices can be quickly and easily integrated into existing systems.

Bluetooth lighting solution

Easyfit wall switches create instant lighting solutions that meet and transcend building codes, thus delivering highly customizable, cost-effective, wirelessly controlled lighting environments of all types.

Where to buy?

USA & Canada (West)

Troy Davis
T +1.801.312 0115

USA & Canada (East)

Matt Arneson
T +1.801.639 0349

UK & Ireland

Germany, Austria & Switzerland


Antonio Creazza
T +39.0444.573398