EnOcean at Lighting Fixture Design Conference 2018: self-powered wireless sensor solutions bringing intelligence to light

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Technology provider EnOcean will be demonstrating self-powered wireless solutions, enabling flexible, maintenance-free applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and modern lighting control.

Oberhaching, June 14, 2018 – At Lighting Fixture Design Conference 2018 (June 20-21, London, UK), EnOcean, world leader in energy harvesting wireless technology, will demonstrate how self-powered wireless solutions provide sensor data for IoT and lighting networks to bring intelligence to light. Visitors can experience self-powered wireless switches and sensors for maintenance-free sensor solutions for IoT and modern lighting systems based on open standards. Offering these maintenance-free, ready-to-use solutions, EnOcean’s OEM customers are able to focus on the quickly evolving LED market opportunities. In conjunction with intelligent IoT systems, self-powered wireless solutions also help optimize the utilization of buildings, create new service models and make buildings more flexible, more energy-efficient and altogether more cost-effective.

Key technology for intelligent IoT and lighting systems

Wireless lighting networks are uniquely positioned to serve as the IoT network backbone in buildings. They can transport data from a variety of sensors to make buildings smarter, safer and more comfortable. Energy harvesting sensors can provide this data quickly, conveniently and without the need for maintenance, making EnOcean a major partner, enabling a key technology for IoT solutions and sustainable smart lighting control.

”There is a huge momentum on smart lighting to become the data backbone for the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other intelligent services”, says Andreas Schneider, CEO and founder, EnOcean GmbH. “This makes our self-powered switch the perfect fit for personal control which allows our maintenance-free sensors to deliver the data needed for automation depending on the current situation. Therefore, energy harvesting technology becomes a key component to enable future-oriented intelligent lighting and IoT solutions. In close collaboration with strong partners, we will continue developing wireless, easy to install, maintenance-free applications for modern lighting control and IoT systems based on our proven energy harvesting technology.”

At Lighting Fixture Design Conference 2018, EnOcean will be presenting maintenance-free sensor solutions for modern lighting control on the basis of open standards such as EnOcean, Bluetooth® and Zigbee.

Self-powered wireless solutions for EnOcean lighting systems in sub 1 GHz

Maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions based on the EnOcean wireless standard in the sub 1 GHz band have been successfully established for use in LED lighting control. The self-powered wireless standard provides a complete maintenance-free system for controlling LED lighting solutions, including LED lighting controls, solar-powered presence and light sensors, kinetically operated light switches, and a commissioning tool. These wireless control solutions can be easily added to existing buildings during an upgrade to LED lighting. In addition, these solutions help make LED lighting solutions more energy-efficient and cost-effective, enabling installers to quickly and flexibly install them.

Maintenance-free lighting control solutions for Bluetooth® lighting systems

EnOcean will be presenting LED controls for Bluetooth® lighting control systems in 2.4 GHz based on the proven energy harvesting technology. The self-powered and wireless Easyfit Bluetooth® switches with Near Field Communication (NFC) allow simple or complex lighting scenes and effects, and enable simple, flexible installation of lighting applications.

Easyfit Bluetooth® switches are compatible with various solutions from leading LED lighting manufacturers and have already been installed in hundreds of buildings. Combined with Bluetooth® lighting systems from Casambi, Helvar, Silvair, Vossloh-Schwabe, Xicato and Wirepas, Easyfit wall switches offer lighting installers the benefits of maintenance-free, easily positionable and ready-to-use solutions, allowing flexible control as well as intuitive usage.
At the event, EnOcean will present the first prototypes of solar-based sensors for Bluetooth® lighting systems, for example, a door and window sensor, a temperature/moisture sensor, an occupancy sensor and a light sensor.

Maintenance-free 2.4 GHz Zigbee lighting solutions

EnOcean partnered with Philips, a world leading manufacturer of lighting applications, to develop self-powered lighting solutions for Zigbee systems on the 2.4 GHz band for use in consumer and commercial LED lighting systems. The Philips Hue tap switch, for example, is a self-powered wireless switch, which is the ideal flexible, maintenance-free control for the Philips Hue lighting system for LED consumer lighting. As part of the Philips Friends of Hue program, several lighting control manufacturers have already presented various switch designs based on energy harvesting technology from EnOcean.

Additionally, together with its partner Aurora, EnOcean will be demonstrating a common solution for controlling Zigbee lighting systems using EnOcean´s self-powered wireless switches in 2.4 GHz.

On the second day of the conference (June 21st, 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm), visitors to Lighting Fixture Design Conference are invited to join Matthias Kassner, VP Product Marketing at EnOcean, in his key note speech on how to provide sensor data for lighting networks for bringing intelligence to light. Additional information on the programme are available at: http://lightingfixturedesign.com/programme/

IBM and EnOcean to bring sensors to the cloud for IoT applications in sub 1 GHz

At the event, EnOcean will also be presenting self-powered wireless switches and sensors for maintenance-free applications optimized for building automation and providing reliable data to IoT systems, such as temperature, humidity, occupancy/non-occupancy and light level. These maintenance-free solutions are based on the EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X) introduced by the EnOcean Alliance on the sub 1 GHz band, which has proven to be a resounding success in building automation and smart homes, due to its high reliability and a radio range of up to 30 meters.

To further develop self-powered wireless solutions with EnOcean radio standard in sub 1 GHz for the Internet of Things, EnOcean is in close collaboration with IBM, a strong partner with longstanding expertise in cloud-based services and IoT. In conjunction with IoT systems such as IBM´s Watson IoT Platform, self-powered EnOcean-based sensors enable maintenance-free solutions for Real Estate Management to increase operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities. These solutions can be used in asset management, ambient assisted living projects, insurance or hotel and campus projects, giving maintenance-free wireless switches and sensors based on EnOcean technology.

About EnOcean

EnOcean GmbH is the developer of the patented energy harvesting wireless technology marketed under the brand names Dolphin and Easyfit. Headquartered in Oberhaching, near Munich, the company produces and markets maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for batteryless applications in the Internet of Things, which are used for building and industrial automation, smart homes, LED lighting control and outdoor environmental monitoring. The EnOcean products are based on miniaturized energy converters, energy-efficient electronics and reliable wireless technology for open wireless standards like EnOcean, Zigbee and Bluetooth®. Leading product manufacturers have been relying on EnOcean wireless modules for their system solutions for the past 15 years and have installed the products in several hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.

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