Magnet Contact Sensor – EMCS (OEM)

EMCS is an energy harvesting wireless magnet contact sensor for EnOcean systems. Powered by a solar cell, EMCS works absolutely maintenance-free. An integrated energy store allows operation for several days in total darkness. In dark surroundings, a coin cell battery can be retrofitted.

The small housing can easily be mounted to windows or door frames or at cabinets using the included double-sided adhesive pad. The ultra-slim magnet has a preassembled adhesive pad.

EMCS supervises an integrated reed contact and reports every status change immediately (open<>closed). In addition a sign of life signal is sent at regular intervals. EMCS provides the option to use enhanced security mode with encrypted communication.


User manual

Magnet Contact Sensor Installation Guide

Product Safety

Additional Information

  • Frequency868 MHz | 902 MHz | 928 MHz
  • Order NoS3001-C320 / S3001-T320 | S3051-C320 | S3061-T420